Book Headache

Warning to all writers and reader. This is probably something you’ve already come across if you’ve gone through a stage of reading compulsively for even just one day. The dreaded book headache. I made the not so bad mistake of wanting to start a series of books. A series that had another series before it that I also wanted to reread first. And, since I didn’t have much else to do this week, I read. All five books of the first series. In three days. And, right now, I’ve managed to get through the first two books of the second series, which, looking at the page count, add up to all the books in the other series combined. And now my head really hurts. Luckily, I’ve run out of books that I’m desperate to read and that I can find under my bed (which is where I keep my unread books) so I can recover in peace.

Pace yourselves.



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