Research (again)

I pretty sure the internet thinks I’m a serial killer right now. I’ve been researching crime and laws for my dissertation story and my web history is beginning to look somewhat alarming. I can just imagine someone looking at it and saying something like ‘Oh, researching psychopaths and killers, there. And gun laws… and carry permits… police response times? Ok, I’m just going to back away now. I didn’t see a thing.’

As we’ve already said here at Inkprint, research is damn important. But, while making the gods of Google reach for their phones to send the police my way, I realised what I was doing. And not doing. I wasn’t writing. Research may be necessary, but it cannot be allowed to become a distraction from the actual writing. What I was meant to be writing actually had nothing to do with crime and accident rates, or even the police. That stuff would come much later. But, there I was, drifting through the vastness of the internet, not one word added to the open document next to it.

Bad me. Time to go back to writing. This may be another distraction….



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