First Lines

First lines are the hardest. At least to me. Since we’re now in third year, our huge dissertation assignment had been nagging at me all week. And, though I pretty much know my idea, I cannot find my first line. I’ve thought about it, tried out many that seemed to work for a few minutes before deleting it all in a rage.

I’d love to continue this post with great advice on how to get past this struggle, but I need to find it first. I guess I’ll keep you updated as this whole thing goes from problem to problem. But, that’s not to say I don’t have anything. I guess the first is either common sense or something close to giving up. And, that is, just write past it. Have any old rubbish or stupid first line and get on with the rest. It’ll probably have to be rewritten any way so, why bother? The second is what I’ve been trying to do today. Something that makes me look as crazy as I’ve been feeling as I’ve been doing this. I am talking to my characters. Not out loud or anything, but sitting down with them in my head and talking to them until their voices come as naturally as my own. It’s a tricky job but that’s all I can do right now.

Whatever. Hopefully this will be fixed soon. Until then, good luck with all your own writing and may this aid you in some way.


Ps. I have now watched Attack on Titan and am no longer banned from the internet.


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